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I never had a better tasting pickle in my life! No, REALLY. I am chomping away on one as I write this, it’s crispy and the taste is wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you Mr Lebovitz for sharing this recipe! It was super easy to make and the result is the most perfect kovászos uborka tasting pickle without the kovász. These pickles are so perfect; I will never make any other summer pickles as long as I live. All you need is pickling cucumbers, fresh dill, pickling salt, water, small squares of cheesecloth and rubber bands to cover the jars. Imagine, gorgeous pickles that are ready in 3 days! Could this be any easier?

The source is Arthur Schwartz’s Homemade Kosher Dill Pickle Recipe by David Lebovitz. I made adjustments, scroll down to see the Lebovitz version.

4 cups water
1-1/2 Tbsp pickling salt
2 fresh dills with the dill head
additional fresh dill weed
4 cloves of garlic
4 bay leaves
Pickling cucumbers to pack into two jars
cheese cloth and 2 rubber bands

• In a large pot, bring 1 cup of water to a boil with the salt, stirring until the salt is dissolved.
• Remove from heat and add the remaining water.
• Prepare 2 large jars by running them through the dishwasher or filling them with boiling water, then dumping it out.
• Wash the cucumbers and cut off the ends. Make sure they are not bitter. Discard the bitter ones.
• Place the dills in the bottom of the jars and add the garlic and the bay leaves.
• Pack the cucumbers vertically into the jars, making sure they’re tightly-packed.
• Fill the jars with brine so that the cucumbers are completely covered.
• Cover the jars with cheesecloth, secured with rubber bands.
• Store in a cool, dark place for 3 days.
• After 3 days, taste one. The pickles can ferment from 3 to 6 days.
• The longer the fermentation, the more sour they’ll become.
• Once the pickles are to your liking, refrigerate them.

The Lebovitz recipe:
4 quarts (scant 4l) water
6 Tbsp coarse white salt (kosher, if available)
pickling cucumbers to fill two jars
4 cloves garlic, unpeeled and lightly-crushed
2 Tbsp pickling spice
6 bay leaves
1 large bunch of dill, preferably going to seed, washed



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