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I saw these truly grandmother squares on add a They are simple, substantial and deliciously satisfying. Not one of those scanty efforts you can barely cover the pan with. This one is a keeper. I sliced the squares while hot; I didn't think it would make much of a difference to wait for it to cool. In retrospect, the recipe was correct; these do slice neatly if allowed to cool first.

1 cup butter, softened
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar

Filling :
4 eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1 18 oz can pineapple tidbits (with juice)
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/4 cup icing sugar for sprinkling

• Preheat oven to 350F.
• Mix together butter, flour, and confectioner’s sugar.
• Press into the bottom of a 9×13-inch baking-pan.
• Bake for approximately 20 minutes, or until lightly golden brown.
• Mix together eggs, sugar, pineapple with the juice, flour, baking powder, and cornstarch.
• Pour over the baked crust.
• Bake for 25 minutes.
• Remove from oven and dust with confectioner’s sugar.
• Allow to cool, cut into squares, and serve.



  1. It's one of these sweet treats one knows one will adore (custard with bits of pineapple...). If i had the courage I would bake it (I have just bought a nice looking organic pineapple).

  2. Sissi we loved these bars, I was going to distribute it but already half of is gone. I was concerned about being too sweet, but I didn't need to worry they are just right in fact they taste slightly lemony - I already had 2 bars... Bad, bad Zsuzsa!

  3. Mmmm ... this sounds absolutely delicious! I love pineapples. I've never seen it done in bars like this. I can imagine how nice it's going to be. I'll definitely try this.

  4. I go along with Ping...I've never seen pineapple bars like these, either. Zsuzsa, you did an incredible job on the lovely and delicious bars, identical to the source!
    For certain, this recipe is a keeper, since we all love pineapple!
    Thanks, for sharing!

  5. Thank you ladies

  6. MarcyC4824.6.16

    Looks just like my late Mom's recipe, but her Pineapple Squares had yeast in the pastry! I lost her recipe when l moved 2 years ago and my family has a tatse for them now. I guess l'll just have to keep searching! Maybe one of our Polish parishes has a çòokbook wIth the recipe, as l have had it numerous times at Polish events!

    1. Good luck finding your mom's recipe.

  7. Anonymous27.1.17

    What do you mean 1/4 cup icing sugar for sprinkling - what kind of icing sugar or are you referring to - confectioners sugar? Sounds yummy




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