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In the pictures below I am frying up half of a large yam. The recipe calls for one large yam, so use two fry pans or fry the yam in batches. Yams fry up pretty quick. In a larger quantity fry up the yams ahead of time and finish caramelizing in the oven at 375F; while the turkey or the roast is tented. This is how my friend Ann makes candied yams for her famous Christmas gatherings. Adding the mandarin juice was my idea. The mandarin juice in my opinion tames the corn syrup and enhances the overall flavour.

1 large yam
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp dark corn syrup
juice of 1/2 mandarin orange

• Peel and slice the yam.
• Melt the butter in a non stick fry pan over medium heat.
• Season the yam with salt and pepper.
• When the butter begins to foam, add the sliced yams.
• Adjust the heat to a slow, happy fry.
• Turn the yam slices over and place a lid on the top.
• Once the lid is on, it is surprising how fast the yam cooks.
• Check frequently, the yam should not brown.
• Meanwhile combine the brown sugar, corn syrup and the juice of half a mandarin orange in a small bowl.
• Uncover the yam and pour on the brown sugar mixture.
• Continue to cook until the yam is nicely caramelized.
• Serve hot.



  1. Just the recipe I was looking for!!!! Pictures are mouth watering. Thank you

    1. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.




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