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Homemade mayonnaise is superior to commercial mayonnaise. I had a great uncle who was headwaiter at one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Budapest many years ago. You had to go down these steep, rustic stairs into a basement and what a shock it was to enter an elegant restaurant – hence the name, Mátyás Pince or Matthias Basement, [named after King Mátyás]. Well the chefs made their own mayonnaise there [with a whisk] and my uncle sometimes brought a jar home... I never made mayonnaise with a whisk; I am much too impatient for that. I used a handheld beater or a stick blander. Which brings me to the secret of making foolproof mayonnaise.

Your mayonnaise will always work out if you:

1. Use a handheld beater or a stick beater. Forget the food processor, the standing beater and never use a blender. You may succeed once or twice, but most of the time you will have a mess on your hands instead of mayonnaise. This has to to the different ways these gadgets work.

2. Start with 2 egg yolks, simply because you cannot beat just one. Beat the egg yolks with the mustard only. Don't add anything else at the start, only the mustard. Beat the egg yolks and mustard mixture until it grows in volume and thickens considerably. The consistency of the egg yolk is where most people fail. If the egg yolks are not thick enough, no matter how slowly you add the oil, it will remain a thin liquid and it will never become mayonnaise. The egg yolks must be thick before you begin to add oil to it.

3. Once your yolk mixture is thick enough, start adding the oil, very slowly, a few drips at first. After each addition beat the oil into the yolks so it truly thoroughly blends with the yolks.

4. Once a third of the oil is combined, you can start adding the oil a bit more liberally. But don't just dump it into the bowl and be sure to thoroughly incorporate it after each addition.

This is chemistry dear Watson.


2 egg yolks
2/3 tsp of dry mustard
1 cup of flavorless cooking oil
pinch of salt
pinch of white pepper
1-1/2 tsp vinegar

  • Place the egg yolks in a small bowl with the mustard.
  • Whip the mixture until it thickens. Be sure it is THICK.
  • Begin to add the oil drip by drip. 
  • Increase the oil to a thin stream in small increments, but make sure the oil gets fully incorporated into the egg mixture after each addition.
  • When all the oil is added, you will have a thick emulsion.  
  • Begin to add the salt, the white pepper and the vinegar, whipping after each addition.
  • Give the mix a quick burst and transfer the mayonnaise to a serving dish.
  • Or store covered in the fridge for up to 4 days.




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