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Felvételeim nyilvános publikálása engedély nélkül nem használhatók.



1/2 cup butter, cold, cubed
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cream of tartar*
1 1/2 cup milk
1 cup of chocolate chips or blueberries

• Sift together the flour, baking soda and the cream of tartar.
Important: there is no substitution for the cream of tartar!
• Blend in the butter to make a fine meal.
• Stir in the milk just to combine.
• Handle the dough as little as possible.
Dough should be very light.

• Gently flatten dough with hands on a floured board.
• Sprinkle generously with either chocolate chips or blueberries.
• Add 1/2 cup of sugar if using a tart fruit.
• Roll up dough loosely in jellyroll fashion.
• Cut into 8 slices.
• Place rolls on their sides, slightly touching, in a greased baking pan.
• Bake at 450F for 13 minutes.
• Dust with icing sugar and serve piping hot.

I made these with raisins.

* NEVER substitute cream of tartar in a recipe.  


  1. Dear Zsuzsa: I made these pastries today with the chocolate chips for my family and they disappeared. I love the consistency of the dough and somehow I imagine I should try to fill these with cheese or something salty too. Have you ever tried it? And I can also imagine using this dough to make a delicious pizza! I love your blog, my parents are both hungarian and there are many recipes that my mom has forgotten and that I have found in here. Thank you! Sylvia :-)

    1. No. I bake for chocoholics. :-) But I can see some cheesy turo like filling could work. As for pizza, I am not so sure it would, but who is to stop you? :-)

    2. I will definitely try it and let you know what happens! Sylvia :-)




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